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Perfect design

Y5HOME system is designed, developed, and produced entirely in India. We create all the smart home devices on our own and we take care of even the smallest detail of the project.


Polish intellectual capital

Y5HOME is an Indian brand functioning in the IoT (Internet of Things) branch and is the fastest developing home automation producer in India. Y5HOME’S headquarters and factory are located in the USA and India and also our R&D Department is operating in Gujarat, India.


Global reach

In just 7 years Y5HOME has become a recognized brand and our products are now officially available in 7 countries and 13 states, creating one of the most advanced and wireless home automation systems in the world.

Why Choose Us?


Strong Product Portfolio


State-of-the-art Technology


Clear Value Proposition to Homeowners


Easy Installation


Ongoing Technical Support


Maintenance Free


Leader of smart

Home Market

Y5home is a revolutionary IoT (Internet of Things) based home and building automation solution designed to simplify and secure your surroundings. The Y5home suite of products is offered by Y5home Technologies LLP, a Gandhinagar, Gujarat based IoT firm under its flagship brand and since inception in 2013, Y5home has dedicated itself to provide affordable, next generation, easy to use IoT home and building automation solutions through technological innovation and domain expertise.

Our core objective is to offer affordable, high-quality solutions to remotely controlled, monitor, secure and manage all your electronic appliances locally and remotely with minimal effort.

Y5home is led by a team of highly qualified and integrated professionals with a deep passion for technology and a strong belief in integrating technology into human activities to increase convenience and minimize human effort.


years on smart home market

distributors,resellers and installers


Our Mission

The mission at Y5HOME is to redefine standards in terms of quality and unparalleled customer service, as we strive to gain th e respect and trust of our customers, suppliers and partner vendors.

Our Vision

To earn global appreciation as a technology organization, by maintaining and upgrading long lasting relationships with our cl ien ts through excellent quality services.

Our vision is to receive global admiration and respect as the most trusted name in the realm of technological development by creating an excellent network among our partners, clients and employees built on our ability to assist and improve business productivity and growth, and create wealth.

The vision reflects Y5HOME ’ commitment to inspiring its communities by leveraging Y5HOME’s three key strengths: “New Technology,” “Innovative Products,” and “Creative Solutions.” and to promoting new value for Y5HOME’s core networks Industry, Partners, and Employees. Through these efforts, Y5HOME hopes to contribute to a better world and a richer experienc e for all.

Journey and Future Road Map



December 2013

Idea & Coneptualization

February 2014

Selection of Technology for implementation

May 2014

Selection of Staff for POC development & Implementation

November 2014

Market Research & Survey analysis

June 2015

POC Completed, making it fullproof

30 December 2015

Y5Home Company registered as LLP and initiation of industrial design of products

April 2016

Team expansion for further development, sales & marketing

August 2016

Launched first engineering prototype

January 2017

350+ devices automated

May 2017

Automated 1,000+ devices & launched second engineering prototype

December 2017

3,300+ devices automated

March 2018

Public launch in Gandhinagar, Gujarat & initiation of large scale production

March 2018

Public launch in Gandhinagar, Gujarat & initiation of large scale production

May 2018

First Milestone - Appointed Gujarat's Master distributor SMB as a Channel partner

March 2019

  • 11,500+ devices automated
  • Presence in 5 countries, 5 states & 45 cities
  • Association with 27+ builders & Hotels
  • Launch of new product portfolio
December 2019 - March 20

  • 20,000+ devices automated
  • Presence in 7 countries, 13 states & 85 cities
  • Association with 60+ builders & hotels.
  • 2,500+ devices booked (advance orders from B2B)
  • 20 more products based on futuristic technology are in pipe line
March 2021

  • 22,000+ devices automated
  • Presence in 7 countries, 13 states & 85 cities
  • 5 new products launch based on futuristic technology
March 2023

  • 7 new products launch based on futuristic technology
  • Automation of around 30,000+ devices
March 2025

  • 8 new products launch based on futuristic technology
  • Automation of around 50,000+ devicecs

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