Y5 Switchboard Module

By your voice, you can control entire home within no time by using most popular voice assistants

Easy Installation

Child Safety

Static & Usage

Switch board module

Retrofit Switchboard Solution with Easy Setup

You’ll be surprised how easy it is to set up or install the Y5home Single / Double / Four / Five Switch. You can do it yourself or ask for help professional installer from the Y5home partner network.

Home Automation

To many functionalities in

Single Device

The Y5Home single /double / four / five switch modules are key elements for managing and control your home. They will useful in different places and provide a variety of functions. Smart switch will let you turn on/off the lights, electrical appliances or cut off power from the sockets. Thanks to the power metering feature, it will provide accurate information about electric energy consumption.

A Multifunctional Device

By your voice, you can control entire home within no time by using most popular voice assistants.

One of the smart home options are timer settings. Thanks to them the light can be turned on/off at a pre-set time. It also works with other devices.

IF : It's 21:00 & no rain

To : Run sprinklers for 30 minutes

Smart switch modules are one of the most very important elements of the Y5Home system. You can activate them manually from the app, choosing the device and turn them on/off wherever you are, at any time.

Turn The Audio Video ON/OFF

You can set the different way of scenario or schedule with Y5 sensor to turn on/off smart switch devices.

IF : Motion Detected

Then : Turn The Light On

Home Automation
A Multitude of Uses

The Y5Home single/double/four/five switch enables to turn on/off any electrical device remotely. Turn your AC/Micro Oven on or automatically cut the power off in case something is a go wrong at any time. You can control all the household appliances you own by cutting the power off or turning it on remotely.

Wherever you are

Thanks to Y5Home, you have access to your home from any place in the world. The mobile app and Internet access is enough to remotely control the home appliances using.

Stand-by Savings

Devices left on stand-by only add to the energy spending and burden the on your electricity bill. The Y5home smart switches solve this problem easily by automatically cutting off devices you do not need.

Never Forget to Off Device

Forgot to turn off the geyser? Now you can do it on your way to the office or the airport. A fan or other electric appliances left on because you were in a hurry are no longer a problem. Just initiate smart switches to work it out for you.

Main bed Room

Inbuilt Stabilizer

By our advanced technology and highly safe & secure circuit design component, our smart switch is protecting your all electrical appliances from high power fluctuation damages and natural electricity grab.

Tune The Lights to Your Needs and Regulate The Fans to Your Needs.

Remember when you had to switch on the Fan ? Configure Y5Switch four/five 1st point and double dimmer switch to gently regulating the fan in your way without surprising you anymore.

Human Presence Recognition

When you’re away, the light and AC in selected rooms and in the garden can turn on at selected times to effectively confuse and discourage people who would like to enter the property in your absence.

Choose The Most

Convenient Variant

Switchboard Image

Y5 Switchboard Module

It's available in four Variant : 1, 2, 4, and 5 loaders

Power Supply :85V to 265V


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