Y5 Box

4 USB to share or access data fom anywhere in the world


Converts non-smart TV into Smart TV

It has 4 USB Ports, 1 HDMI Port, 1 Audio Port and 1 LAN Port

It has the capacity to control up to 1000 Devices up to 500m Mesh Network Range

4 USB Ports

Convert TV into Smart

Up to 1000 Devices to 500m

No Internet Image No Internet Image

No Internet Connection is No Longer a Problem

Stop worrying about no Internet connection because your home will keep its smart features even without it. Y5's smart home keeps up the good work even without the internet connection.

Imagine that you live in a home where everything happens by itself. Y5 Smart Home takes care of your daily comfort and safety of all your family member and in the meantime, saves a lot energy on different time. All this is only possible and thanks to the Y5Box.

Brain of The System - Y5 Smart Home Devices

You can manage and control entire your home by our small or mini Y5box. As one of the smallest smart home hubs it enables home automation functionality through our simplified interface.

Secure Data Storage

You can be sure that your data and access to your home are effectively protected by our highly encrypted algorithm and communication protocol. We can store your pen drive and others devices data on the air network which is more secured and completely not traceable activities.

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Secure Data Stroage Image
Secure Data Stroage Image
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Voice Command by Smart Home Devices

By your voice, you can control entire home within no time by using most popular voice assistants.

Tv Stand

Entertainment and Revolution of Your TV

Convert your non-smart TV into smart just by plugging in the Y5Box. You can enjoy and see unlimited videos or movies on our app accordingly your convenient.

Always Stable in Your Network

The devices of the Y5 Smart System form a network among themselves which enables mutual and stable communication, guaranteeing uninterrupted operation of the entire smart home system.

With use of switch board modules and smart sensors which are Zigbee repeaters, the smart home network range is extended and the devices intelligently find the way of communication between the devices and the Y5Box.

Y5 Remote

The Y5 Remote Comes with control switches on the front side and the backside with a Qwerty Keyboard that makes internet browsing easier.

It is rechargeable and is used for the operation of "Y5Box", "TV", "Laptop", "Desktop" etc....

QWERTY Keyboard

Motion Based Mouse

Charge with Universal Charger

Y5 Remote

Choose The Most

Convenient Variant

Y5 Box

Y5 Box

Y5 Box

Y5 Remote


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