Y5 Sensor

Y5 Motion Sensor

PIR motion sensor to sense only human motion

Intimation on mobile app

Control every automated device on a single motion sensor

7m range with 144 degree of view angle vertically

PIR Motion Sensor

Controll All by Single Sensor

7m Range with 144 Degree View

Follow Lightings

While wandering around in home and arranging the house for evening, we go frequent into rooms. Imagine that you don't need to turn the light on and off for all time, however it follows you turning itself on in the room you're entering. How helpful is this Y5 Motion?!

Motion Sensor

The Light Turns Itself On and Off

In every house there are rooms where we enter rarely. The light in such places can turn off automatically after a few minutes. You don't have to remember about it and you don't have to come back to turn it off.

Auto Standby


Immediate Notifications by Y5 Home Security Systems

The device will immediately inform you about any motion by sending a notification to your smart phone...

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Guarding Your Safety

The Y5 motion sensor is your home's ultimate powerful security watchman, watching over you and your family 24/7.

Sleep Well without Any Worry

It’s sleepy time and worried about security at entrance? While going to bed, you realize this considerations pop up in your mind!

Set up with our Y5 motion at your door step, entrance and windows so it will trigger notification, on the setting alarm and switch on/off lights and secure your home without leaving your bed and you can sleep well!

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Adjustable Sensitivity Levels

The sensitivity setting of the Y5 motion sensor can be changed to meet up your requirements. For example, adjust it to exclude the detection of small animals, like your cat or dog.

A Home That Wakes up with You

The Y5 motion sensor makes each morning exceptional. As soon as you wake up, the sensor will activate a scene that wakes up the entire home along with you.

Full Control via The Mobile App

Our Y5 mobile app allows you to control and check status of the Y5 motion sensor right from your mobile phone. It is the most convenient and the easiest way to control your home from wherever you are.

Highly Secured Home Security Systems

Leaving your home's safety in the hands of security firm, although have questions if the security is sufficiently quick to prevent the robbery. It is justified! even though all the trouble to prepare your home, our system can standard the disturbance and viably discourage the robbers itself before the other security concerns.

At the point when the caution framework distinguishes unwanted movement or window openings, your home will be noticed and with a view to the lighting and alarm sound alert, you will be notified. In this circumstance, the thieves promptly stop any attempt of entering your home and your assets are protected.

Motion sensors stand guard, ready to react to various situations

Automate your lighting and save energy with the Y5 Smart Motion Sensor, by turning your lights on when people are in your room through the motion detection. Secure your home exterior & interior from burglars with motion detection alarm and notification.

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Convenient Variant

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Motion Sensor 1

Power Supply – 85V to 265V

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Motion Sensor 2

Battery Based


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