Video Doorbell Phone Security Camera

The amazing 24*7 security guard of your home

Full HD Live Video

166 Degree Angle

7m Distance of Night Vision

Excellent image quality (HDR)
Reliable speaker affording exact sound
Installation using WiFi or Ethernet
Controlling two doors or gates
Night mode
Reliable sound recording
Video doorbell
Received a notification
Motion detects

Third Eye Observation

Your home is your fortress so even during your absence you’d rather know that your privacy isn’t violated. Motion sensor integrated with the surveillance system has an eye on your property day and night. When it detects motion, you will receive a notification with a video recording so that you can see if there is any reason to worry.

Received a Notification

Video Recording

Motion Detection

Day and Night Observations

Clear Voice Communication

The Y5 video doorbell phone camera uses two directional microphones to process the voice and make it clear and of pure quality. Enjoy a true connection performance and have a communicate with your guests with a precise and quality voice transmission. Our Y5 video doorbell makes your connection sound extremely eloquent.

Icon SVG

Voice Mail

Our Y5 VDP is a good security guard with spirit of forgets nothing. Should a visitor come when you are not home, it will record his or her message to you which you can later listen to whenever you please.

Remote Monitoring and Live Preview

The Y5 video doorbell phone camera includes features of a perfect surveillance system letting you watch the live preview of your home surroundings. Make sure your home is safe, secure and VDP to monitor current situation around your home.

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Take Your Home On Holiday

Your Y5 VDP security guard spirit never sleeps, but it knows that you need rest. It will patiently protect your property when you are away. You only need to have your phone with you and you will always be able to check who is knocking on your door, even over the hills or in the forest and far away.

Advanced Night Visibility

Y5 video doorbell phone camera is your trustworthy assistant in the war against darkness. Once it settles down in your house, you will clearly see the face of each visitor, even on the darkest night. You do not need to fear because you have a security guard for a reason.

Night View

Monitor your home door from anywhere

Smart Doorbell Phone Camera with a motion-activation and notification, two-way communication, and brilliant HD video, you will never miss a visitor again. See, hear, and speak to anyone at your door in real-time from your smartphone, tablet, or desktop. Day or night, rain or shine. With our Y5 doorbell, you will always be at home.

Theft Protection

Y5 video doorbell phone camera, although it looks innocent, may also defend itself. It will detect a thief daring to steal it, record every theft attempt and even trigger the burglar alarm. You can be sure that smart video doorbell is safe out there.

Professional Installation

Y5 video doorbell phone camera is truly a magical human being, but you do not need to study magic to make friends with it. Our specialists will install it for you. They will also connect the entire Y5 system, if you wish.

You’re Y5 Video Doorbell Phone Security Camera

Your new security guard spirit has keen sight, acute heating, perfect memory and never sleeps. Thanks to it, you will stop worrying about the most important things in life: the safety of your house and your family. Once it is there with you, everyday challenges will surely appear easier.

Safeguard Your Home with Neighbor Guidance

A neighbor who has agreed to look after the property while you are away is a very effective way to have a joyful holiday. As soon as someone tries to get to your home, a trusted neighbor will receive a notification. He or she will be able to check if everything is okay and act accordingly.

Magnificent View Quality

Y5 VDP is a watchful security guard, ready to serve you even in the worst condition at your home . It will always clearly show you the face of a visitor at your doorstep.

View of Standard Camera without HDR
View of Video Doorbell Phone Camera (VDP) with Super HDR Function
Mobile Frame

Live Preview

Y5 VDP will not only serve you as a security guard, but also as a secret agent. Thanks a lot it, you may be too much busy into your daily working life at all times but by our Y5 VDP, You will find out all the secrets of your house like who steals shoes or anything from your front door ?

Choose The Most

Convenient Variant

Card image cap

Door Bell One

Battery Base : 18650 Lithium.

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Door Bell Two

Voltage : DC 5V 2A

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Intelligent VDP

Power Supply : AC 14V-24V

Battery Base : 18650 Lithium

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Advanced VDP

Battery Base : 18650 Lithium


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