Y5 DOOR Sensor

The Y5 door sensor is a battery based sensor that works on WiFi Technology

Receive alerts on your smartphone if your Door Sensor detects opening or closing of a door

Automate connected devices with Y5home Products and set them to turn on or off if your Door Sensor detects opening or closing of a door

A Component of The Security System

Tamper Protection

Contact Sensor

Hundreds of Places, Dozens of Uses

The Y5 door sensor effortlessly fits into any interior design and, most importantly, is simple to install. There are many places where such a sensor would be very useful which are below, Roof windows, Main doors, Garage doors, Windows, Doors, Safety gates

Roof windows

Main doors

Garage doors



Safety gates

Welcome Home!

You can Use the Y5 door sensor as a scene activator. When placed by the main door, the sensor may launch a sequence which will welcome the entering residents.

You will Never Forget to Close a Window

A house set with the Y5 door sensor will remind you about open windows. It may do so when you’re about to leave for work, go to sleep, or when it looks like rain.

The Safety of The Youngest Ones by Y5 Home Security Systems

The Y5 door/window sensor will be ideal in the role of a staircase gate guardian. When a gate is open for a longer while, the device will remind you to close it.

Automatic Control of The Light

Y5 door sensor places where the simplest way of turning on the light when opening the door. After a set time it may turn off the lamp automatically to make sure you are not increasing your bill unnecessarily.

Full Control via The Mobile App

Our Y5 mobile app allows you to control and check status of the Y5 door sensor right from your mobile phone. It is the most convenient and the easiest way to control your home from wherever you are.

Immediate Notifications by Y5 Home Security Systems

With your Y5Home system, you can protect your devices. If they’re tampered with, an alarm will activate, and a notification will be sent..

Intelligent sensor provides the high-quality security system with the best convenience

Live smarter and make your life easier. The door sensor allows you to remotely monitor your doors and windows, allowing you to stay in touch and in control, improve the safety and security of your home and family easily and effectively. With the discreet compact design, door sensors provide instant and reliable performance as part of your security system.

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